FD0130M Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
  • 1.Eyepiece: PL10X/22mm and PL15X/16mm
  • 2.Objective:Infinity LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective and Infinity LWD Plan Semi-apochromatic Metallurgical Objective
  • 3.Magnification:50X-1500X
  • 4.Viewing Head:Binocular or Trinocular
Product Details Dimension

    Product Description

    FD0130M series Metallurgical Microscope provide superior image and reliable mechanical structure.Easy operating, various of accessories, widely used in teaching and research metallographicanalysis and facility materials testing
    Special Features
    ●  Optical system: Infinity color corrected optical system(CSIS),better image, higher resolution, more comfortable observation;
    ●  Eyepiece and objective: high eye point widely plan eyepiece PL10x/22mm , provide more widely and plan observation space and can be installed various of micrometer. Professional infinity plan achromatic LWD metallurgical objective, no cover glass design.
    ●  Viewing head: Compensation free  trinocular head , diopter adjustable,  45°inclined,can photograph and image pickup, can collect and preserve the image, also can analysis the image with computer and specialized software.
    ●   Focus: Low hand position coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism, with coarse tension adjustment device, Coarse adjustment range : 38mm, precision of fine adjustment 0.002mm.
    ●   Illuminator system: Reflection Koehler illuminator with iris diaphragm and centerable filed diaphragm, wide voltage 90-240V ,12V/50W imported halogen bulb, effectively protect and extend the life of halogen bulb.
    ●   Stage: can be setting coaxial low hand position removable stage and the stage extension plate, expand the application space,to meet the different needs of customers

    Optical Parameter

    Name of Parts FD130M FD0130MT
    Optical System Infinity color corrected optical system
    Eyepiece High eye point plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm
    High eye point plan eyepiecePL15X/16mm
    Viewing Compensation free binocular, 45°inclined Compensation free trinocular, 45°inclined
    Infinity LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective

    LMPL 5X /0.15   WD=10.8mm

    LMPL10X/0.3    WD=10mm

    LMPL 20X/0.45  WD=4mm

    Infinity LWD Plan Semi-apochromatic Metallurgical Objective

    LMPLFL50X/0.55    WD=7.8mm

    LMPLFL100X/0.80   WD=2.1mm

    Nosepiece Reversed quintuple nosepiece
    Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism, coarse range:38mm per rotation, fine range:0.2 mm per rotation, fine precision:0.002mm,with coarse tension adjustment device
    Stage Fixed stage, Size 160X250mm
    Plate Metal plate(center holeΦ12)/Metal plate(center holeΦ25)/ the stage extension plate
    Movable Coaxial low hand position removable stage, moving range 120x78mm
    Condenser Reflection Koehler illuminator, with iris diaphragm and centerable filed diaphragm
    Light Source Wide voltage 90-240V, 12V/50W halogen bulb, center adjustable light intensity continuously adjustable
    Polarizing Kit Polarizer slide
    Analyzer slide,360 °rotating
    Filter Φ32mm yellow/green/blue/neutral
    Photo Accessories Photo tube(with PK mount),photo eyepiece 3.2X
    Video Accessories CTV0.5X/1.0X

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