FI21L144T 144PCS Ring LED Light
  • 1.Quantity of LED:144PCS
  • 2.Inner Diameter:φ61mm
  • 3.Outer Diameter:φ98mm
  • 4.Power:4.5W
Product Details Dimension

    Main Feature

    ·Adjustable light directions

    ·Variable intensity control
    ·Intense and focused shadow-free illumination
    ·Intensity at 100mm (4") > 20000 LUX
    ·Power input: 90V-264V, 50-60HZ, auto switching
    ·Fits up to 2.4" (61mm) mount rings for microscope
    ·Inside diameter of the ring light: 61mm
    ·Energy-saving performance

    ·Lamp housing has ESD making

    Optical Parameter

    Model No. FI21L144T
    Outer Diameter Φ98mm
     Inner Diameter Φ61mm
    Power 4.5W
    Input Voltage(AC) 90V-264V
    Output voltage(DC) 12V
    Brightness Adjust 0-100%
    Working Distance 40-250mm
    Quantity of LED 144PCS
    Color Temperature Conventional white light 6400K (Can be customized)
    Luminace(lux) 20000Lux at height of 100mm
    Power Supply Dimension 110x60x32(mm)

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